You can invest in the lives of tomorrow’s world changers, make a dream of Christian education become a reality for students and their families, and change the life of a child for eternity through your generous donation to Capital Christian School.

All gifts to Capital Christian School are tax-deductible.


Our goal is to raise $4 million over the next two academic years (2022-2023, 2023-2024). We believe God is calling us to RISE up and grow – and to meet the needs of families wanting to provide full-time Chrisitan education for this present generation and generations to come.  

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    We will maximize student accessibility.

    • At a time like this . . . with an increasingly chaotic and confused culture surrounding our young people, we want to give more kids access to the daily impact of the CCS experience. We want to reach more students and avoid large yearly tuition increases, which would limit our reach. 
    • We are committed to creating accessibility by faithfully controlling costs without sacrificing Christ-honoring excellence as we are educating and impacting students at CCS. On average, we currently charge 25% less than the actual cost of yearly education.  
    • We want to invest more into Student Financial Assistance to help as many families as possible join this Christian educational environment. 
    • Financial aid adds to our diversity and excellence. CCS is dependent on the generous support of parents, alumni, and community members. Donating to this annual fund allows us to maintain a tuition that is competitive with our peer schools. 
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    We will Attract, Retain, and Train mission focused, high impact faculty and staff.

    • Simply put, the best schools have the best teachers. Our faculty and staff love Jesus, love their students, and are masters of their craft. These rightly ordered affections create daily impact beyond a typical education. 
    • We are committed to investing in our educators. We want to incrementally increase their wages to compensate competitively as we offer a best-in-class education. 
    • We will continue to cultivate continuous improvement with consistent and sharpening professional development opportunities throughout the year that will challenge and grow our staff as they educate and shape the hearts and minds of our students.
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    We will Renovate and Restructure the Activity Center to allow us to make a bigger mission impact on more CCS students.

    • While our students and our faculty will always be our Christ-centered focus, we understand that our building is another important resource in helping us achieve our mission at the highest level. 
    • We are committed to renovate the Activity Center into a modern, updated multi-purpose space that will impact every student at CCS. 
    • The programs that will be enhanced by this facility upgrade are extensive: K-8 VAPA programming, K-8 Athletic programming, PE classes, Extended Day Ministries.
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    We will continue to Innovate and Improve our curricular and co-curricular Programing as we strive to engage our students through more opportunities to achieve our mission at the highest level possible.

    • To provide more opportunities for our students to grow in all areas of the mission, we will create even more engaging programs within the curriculum (and extracurricular) to build 21st century skills while we engage hearts and minds. 
    • We are committed to enhancing our offerings to increase the engagement of our students.  As we build more opportunities for high engagement, we are confident that we will see greater collaboration, effective communication, genuine curiosity, stronger critical thinking, and authentic Christ-centered compassion.



Throughout the year, we have shared Mission Moments to highlight the pillars of our school: academics, athletics, arts, and social engagement. We pursue each of these areas through a biblical worldview – this spiritual pursuit is the foundation of everything we do. As stated in our school verse this year in Matthew 5:6, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied; our desire is for our students to seek this biblical truth and follow Jesus. We are excited for the days ahead and we extend a special welcome to new CCS families. We are believing for an incredible year with incredible moments. We are Capital. We rise as ONE.

We understand your choice of school is critical.

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