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best fits your child?

Christ-Centered Education Tailored for Your Child

Serving Early Ed through High School

Developing Leaders

Impacting the World

Serving Others

Too many schools today use a
one-size-fits-all system
that forces students to conform to a mold.


We believe every child is unique
and deserves an education that is tailored to
their unique talents, passions, and strengths.

We believe every child is unique and deserves an education that is tailored to their unique talents, passions, and strengths.


That is why, over the last 44 years,
we've helped over 5000 students
discover who they are,
what they believe, and what they want for their lives.


Find out how Capital Christian School can Prepare your Child

How We Equip Students to Thrive

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1) Invest in Relationships

Meaningful and authentic -
built on trust
between teachers and students


2) Relationships lead to Discipleship

Not just about teaching,
but training students for
academic and personal success


3) Discipleship Builds Leadership

Challenging our students to serve
and inspire one another

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"Proud to be Cougars!!"

“We are so grateful for the teachers and administration at our school! Our kids have had the absolute best experience possible in their individual classrooms and have built solid, lasting relationships with their teachers and peers year after year. They are very proud to be Cougars!"

John & Kristin Buckner


High School Graduates
Accepted to College


Student-to-Teacher Ratio


Parent Satisfaction Rate
with COVID Response of CCS

We understand the current challenges of parents…

"Your child is unique. Through prayer and time in God’s Word, your child will become
more aware of God’s purpose and plan for their lives."

- Tim Wong, Head of School

Encouraging students to become everything
God created them to be

"Thank you for the amazing care that you demonstrate with our little ones everyday. If everyone approached their job and life as you do, the world would be a wonderful place. Thank you!"

Ralph and Diana Pena

Grade 6-8 Parents


“We are so grateful for Mrs. Wood! Both of our children had the privilege of being her students. Mrs. Wood goes above and beyond for her students. I’ve seen my children grow academically and spiritually under her leadership. Mrs. Wood is such a blessing to our family and to all of her students. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher Mrs. Wood!! We appreciate you so much!”

The Zolnikov Family


We understand your choice of school is critical.

Here is a free resource to help you make the right decision for your child.

5 Powerful Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Choosing a School