Tailored Educational Program

Tailored Educational Program

At Capital Christian School, we understand that not everyone is looking for a traditional education. Some families and students have specific educational desires or needs that may not fit traditional systems offered in most communities around the country. For this reason, CCS has created the Tailored Educational Program to partner with families to serve the individual educational needs of each student. Our goal is to provide the proper support, best delivery method, and the most fitting schedule for the student to achieve success.



The Tailored Educational Program (TEP) serves as a part-time customizable education plan for students who are currently, or will be, in a homeschool program.  In the TEP, students are allowed to take up to four classes on campus, in addition to a study period in the library.  The purpose of the program is to deliver high quality instruction and provide support to the parent, or homeschool provider, in the education of core subjects.



By participating in the TEP, students will be able to benefit from Capital Christian School culture including biblical worldviews, professional academic support, relationship building, an on-campus study period in the library, and, of course, all of the socio-emotional, cognitive, and spiritual enrichment opportunities that are included in being an on-campus learner. TEP students who take three classes are eligible to participate in student life and extra-curricular activities on the campus of Capital Christian School.



  1. Establish a homeschool - Complete the Private School Affidavit and all requirements of California Department of Education: https://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ps/affidavit.asp
  2. Complete the CCS admissions application. Indicate that you would like to enroll the student in the Tailored Education Programhttps://www.capitalchristian.school/admissions/apply/
  3. Meet with the program director to determine needs of the family and student and confirm fit
  4. Complete admissions process and be accepted to CCS
  5. Meet with Campus Administrator - Create Academic plan with counselor and schedule classes
  6. Keep all records in accordance with California Department of Education



In order to participate in the TEP, all students must:

  • Apply and be accepted to Capital Christian School
  • Be qualified for the program through a meeting with the director
  • Abide by all CCS Handbook expectations and policies
  • Pay all applicable registration fees and tuition
  • Stay current with tuition if placed on a monthly payment plan

*Current full-time students are not allowed to be placed in the TEP program, except under a family hardship



If you have questions or need more information, please contact our program director, Michael Lorente, at 916-856-5611 x 8044 or michael.lorente@capitalchristian.school.

TEP Tuition

TEP Fee$500$50
1 Course$1,400$140
2 Courses$2,800$280
3 Courses$4,200$420
4 Courses$5,600$560
TEP Fee$500$50
1 Course$1,560$156
2 Courses$2,800$280
3 Courses$4,680$468
4 Courses$6,240$624

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