Old Testament Survey

This one-year course is designed to prepare and guide students to read and study the entire Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). Students will be given numerous opportunities to explore their understanding of Biblical literature through engaging multimedia, reflective exercises, and formal training for conducting critical Scriptural study through hermeneutics and exegesis.  Students will be expected to identify and draw upon textual details in order to explain or interpret Scripture, and written assignments/projects should reflect an appropriate use of learned vocabulary, as well as knowledge of Scriptural contexts.

Grades: 9 Prerequisite: None


New Testament Survey

In order to create an awareness of basic Christian truth and prepare students for a life of faith, this course will lay a foundation for understanding the New Testament and dynamic Christian living. Students’ will learn the basic layout of the New Testament and the important themes of its different sections and books, as well as the life of Jesus, His Chosen, and future Revelation. The class will consist of a great deal of discussion and exploration of personal beliefs. The course will contain seven units of study, beginning with a look back at the Old Testament in order to understand the beginning of God’s narrative story plot, before diving into the New Testament. Based on their values and beliefs, students will consistently examine how to deal with issues that arise in daily living and current culture.  Students are invited to share their evolving beliefs and questions they have regarding God and Christianity.

Grades: 10 Prerequisite: None


Cultural Renewal

Students will learn how to approach their culture from a Biblical worldview. This involves interpreting contemporary culture according to the story of human culture in the Bible. Emphasis is placed upon faithfully embodying the presence of God within culture, as opposed to conforming to or standing opposed to culture. Various concepts of culture are evaluated and the history of the church's involvement with culture will be explored. Select cultural topics like technology, the arts, creation care, politics, economics and justice will also be specifically addressed. 

Grades: 11 Prerequisite: None



Students will understand philosophical issues within Christian thought and evaluate philosophical arguments against Christian orthodoxy. Students will be equipped to think critically about their faith and its embodiment in the real world. Special focus is given to the basis of Christian epistemology (how Christians know things), the Bible: What it is and is not; its grand storyline; what it says about God; How to interpret it; and how to embody its own priorities in the real world. Other topics include various arguments for and against the existence of the God of the Bible; good and evil; science and faith; truth; "the problem of evil"; and theories of the atonement. 

Grades: 12 Prerequisite: None


Local Missions


This class is designed for students to develop a deeper experiential relationship with God while also being taught the value of service and sacrifice. Students will engage in various outreach opportunities and will be equipped to grow in love for God and others in practical and tangible ways.

Grades: 11, 12 Prerequisite: Bible teacher recommendation


Global Missions

This class is an intensive Bible course geared toward students with a heart to serve others in the arena of world missions. Students will learn how to share the gospel and defend their faith in order to be effective in various cultural settings. Students will participate in various outreaches and are required to take part in the winter break overseas missions trip.

Grades: 12 Prerequisite: Local Missions, Bible teacher recommendation, commitment to participate in the overseas missions trip