Educational Support Services

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Educational Support Services

  • Provide individualized, quality intervention for students with learning challenges
  • Enable students to successfully realize their God-given potential


The mission of Capital Christian Educational Support Services (ESS) department is to assist in creating a learning environment which allows each student to flourish and grow and to ultimately become all that God created them to be.

Capital Christian provides support for all students with identified academic needs with a (504) plan or Individualized Education Program (IEP), through the ESS department. Students are either supported with accommodations and/or one of several intervention programs offered at Capital Christian.

The ESS department, through its intervention programs, strives to provide students with the tools and skills needed to overcome individual learning challenges and to become both academically and socially successful. The costs of these educational services are not included in the standard tuition and prices vary depending on the program.

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Search and Teach is an evidenced-based early intervention, reading readiness program serving students from kindergarten through second grade. Students receive one-on-one instruction to strengthen perceptual areas to prevent the frustration of reading failure. It was cited by the US Office of Education for its educational impact.

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